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Draft RERA Agreement for Sale

Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (Housing Section) has published the draft Agreement for Sale under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, RERA-2016 for inviting comments on the draft agreement from the public.

The draft RERA Agreement for Sale is a good point to start with when drafting or approving a sale agreement provided by the builder, developer or promoter for purchasing a home or a residential plot of land.

Some of the important aspects of draft RERA Agreement

  • [Applicable in case of an apartment] The Promoter shall confirm the final carpet area that has been allotted to the Allottee after the construction of the Building is complete and the occupancy certificate* is granted by the competent authority, by furnishing details of the changes, if any, in the carpet area. The total price payable for the carpet area shall be recalculated upon confirmation by the Promoter. If there is any reduction in the carpet area within the defined limit then Promoter shall refund the excess money paid by Allottee within forty-five days with annual interest at the rate specified in the Rules, from the date when such an excess amount was paid by the Allottee. If there is any increase in the carpet area allotted to Allottee, the Promoter shall demand that from the Allottee as per the next milestone of the Payment Plan. All these monetary adjustments shall be made at the same rate per square feet as agreed in Clause 1.2 of this Agreement.
  • The Promoter agrees to pay all outgoings before transferring the physical possession of the apartment to the Allottees, which it has collected from the Allottees, for the payment of outgoings (including land cost, ground rent, municipal or other local taxes, charges for water or electricity, maintenance charges, including mortgage loan and interest on mortgages or other encumbrances and such other liabilities payable to competent authorities, banks and financial institutions, which are related to the project). If the Promoter fails to pay all or any of the outgoings collected by it from the Allottees or any liability, mortgage loan and interest thereon before transferring the apartment to the Allottees, the Promoter agrees to be liable, even after the transfer of the property, to pay such outgoings and penal charges, if any, to the authority or person to whom they are payable and be liable for the cost of any legal proceedings which may be taken therefor by such authority or person.
  • Time is of essence for the Promoter as well as the Allottee. The Promoter shall abide by the time schedule for completing the project and handing over the [Apartment/Plot]  to the Allottee and the common areas to the association of the allottees after receiving the occupancy certificate* or the completion certificate or both, as the case may be. Similarly, the Allottee shall make timely payments of the installment and other dues payable by him/her and meeting the other obligations under the Agreement subject to the simultaneous completion of construction by the Promoter as provided in Schedule C (“Payment Plan”). 

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