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If you are planning to buy a resale property in Bangalore, do make sure that you have the following documents ready to present to a property lawyer in Bangalore for legal opinion and advice.

Since the property law is complex, it is advisable to seek the help of an expert property and real estate lawyer in Bangalore.

Documents list for a resale property:

  • Absolute sale deed in present seller’s name
  • Khata certificate & extract from BBMP
  • Latest tax paid receipt
  • If any loan outstanding on the property, latest statement from bank
  • Encumbrance Certificate from date of purchase till date
  • Agreement of Sale & construction executed by developer in favor of seller
  • Latest electricity bill & receipt for the said flat
  • NOC from Apartment Association
  • Sanctioned building plan
  • Possession/occupancy certificate from builder
  • All title documents of land owner
  • Joint development agreement, GPA, & Sharing/Supplementary Agreement, between land owner and builder
  • Whether originals are available for inspection if no loan is taken?
  • A Copy of all registered previous agreements
  • RTC (Records of Rights and Tenancy Corps) or 7/12 extract
  • Conversion Order issued by the concerned Authority
  • Registered development agreement (If in case of Joint Development Property)
  • Power of attorney/s if any
  • Photocopy of Society share certificate & Society registration certificate.


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